Photo: Nick at Wildflower Festival (Photo by Diane Litke)
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2008 Stories

If you want stories, write Nick and ask him to produce them.

2007 Stories

Nick kept stories to himself.

2006 Stories

- Suwannee Springfest
- Vic's Music Corner

2005 Stories

- Hurricane Wilma
- Fall River, MA
- Desert Southwest, U.S.
- Kerrville, TX
- Wildflower!
- Hitting the Road
- Leaders Only Follow?
- Most Improved...
- The first time we saw Don White...

2004 Stories

- Heart's Desire House Concert
- Moore Music in the House (Concert)
- On recording, early excuses
- The BioJukebox Gig
- Step 1: Make yourself perfect
- On planning a tour
- Meeting Michael Troy
- The grassy knoll

Nick at Swallowhill, Denver, CO
In Denver, CO, a couple weeks ago, Nick opened for Bill Staines at Swallowhill and got to share a show with his good friend John William Davis. Here are a couple shots from those events courtesy of Reggie Barrett.

Nick and John William Davis








At Kerrville, Nick performed "By My Silence" (listen) with his good friend and co-writer Ellen Bukstel in the Music to Life contest - which they won! The Music to Life contest is sponsored by the Public Domain Foundation to highlight the best new social commentary songs. The songs are available to non-profits and educational organizations for free use. The contest was designed and hosted by Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary).

Music to Life Contest
Nick is far right, with Ellen just to the left, and all the other Music to Life finalists. In the front row are Noel Paul Stookey, Dalis Allen (producer of the Kerrville Folk Festival), and Noel's daughter. (photo by Neale Eckstein)

Music to Life Mainstage Performance

Nick and Ellen on the mainstage at Kerrville performing "By My Silence". (photo by Brian Wolfsohn)

For now, we'll leave up this photo from the Wildflower Festival 'cause we like it so much.

Wildflower Festival!