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In the years since I began this moveable fast all my work has been for venues or concert hosts, this patio is no different, a bit larger in scope than usual and the poor client comes to understand the motto on my business card, “Beautiful work eventually”.

Got to a passel of great venues this summer along a NY-TX-FL triangle, met some good folks that would like me to come back, some of them because they want their jobs finished.

A long project to make a new kind of CD case, one that allows more room for art and lyrics, with fonts so large that you can actually read the damn words folds out with APPLES & ORANGES, a new title in my oeuvre. That’s how you know you’ve made it, by the way, when you have an oeuvre.

I learned how to record, how to perform in a studio. Found some shapes and voices in the strung box that my ear had been asking my hand to find, then paid mind to some songs that came calling years back that I couldn’t play.

I found some peace with the concept of marketing by not blaming it for the abhorrent ways it can be used. It’s a tool same as any other, use it wrong and it’ll bite you.

It’s been a few years since my last post here, spent working mostly on the two set solo show, the timing, the shaping, the delivered ride. Only way to get good at that is by doing it. I’ve been getting the chance, and it's fun as hell.


I do not multi-task well, so I view this from an awareness of one who by habit and bent struggles to practice mono-tasking. All of the consecutive doings of a touring life can strain the spirit, so I need to take them in parts, trying to see whether the process supports or contradicts the produced work.

The fold out poster package is my compromise with marketing.
I hope it catches on as an eco-friendly model that allows a space for art.

This road called me to the stages posted on the last few news pages.
“Timing is everything,” she said, “and this is not our time.”

Maybe now is.

Nick John Annis
Homestead, FL 10/11


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