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NERFA Formal Showcase 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxGpXt0jy94


"When I first heard Nick Annis, my jaw and everybody else's jaw just dropped.
You're going to hear something really amazing. I really love these guys and you will too."
-David Eisner, Institute of Musical Traditions/House of Musical Traditions

"Whether in his songs or in the spoken interludes between them, there is a natural theatricality to his presentation that rivets the attention."
-Mike Agranoff, Minstrel Coffeehouse

"Subtly spiritual, his songs are sensitive and thought-provoking, with a touch of wry humor injected occasionally for maximum effect."
-Susan Moss, Heart's Desire House Concerts

"Nick is recognized for his dry wit, his profound and sincere lyrics, and a voice that is often compared to James Taylor but has a soulfulness uniquely his own."
-Laurie Oudin, Main Street Cafe


Nick Annis is an award-winning songwriter admired by folk fans for the storytelling talent that makes his performances so memorable. Nick crafts "true" stories and timeless accounts of humanity. Nick was honored to have Chuck Brodsky record his spoken word piece, "In the Beginning."

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Nick Annis Photo by Reggie Barrett